Time Out! Life Calling Me Away Temporarily

by jpack, May 14, 2017

From April 26th until May 13th, I was away at a military exercise.  Usually I’m hopping on a ship or jet-setting out to Guam, but this time I was sitting in warm, sunny Anchorage, Alaska working with the Air Force and Navy.  During this time, Sabrina Farris agreed to be the ‘belly button’ for CROSSROADS.  Just because Joseph isn’t here doesn’t mean the party stops!

I really, really enjoyed hearing updates from our youth volunteers.  While I was flying out to Alaska, I got an update from Meredith that many in the group talked about issues they face at school and at home.  One student stated that they have really tried to keep in mind that things like sports take second place in their lives because they can’t compare to the relationship they have with God.  Standing in the airport, I had to physically remove myself from the terminal I was at and find a separate place to be somewhat alone because I seriously started tearing up with pride in our teens and the work God has done in their lives.  That’s what it’s all about.

Now that I’m back in the frigged tundra of Virginia, we’ll be posting updates to our lessons and commentaries once again.  Stay tuned for some cool developments and new opportunities to watch students grow!

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