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STG Neglected!!!

by jpack, September 8, 2014

The school year has kicked off and it has been a whirlwind of exciting, dramatic, dynamic, and invigorating action!  Just so my readers know, I have not abandoned my blog but I am neglecting it a bit.  I am currently building our youth group a new website at bgsm.bgbcva.org instead of the longer and more constrained page our church’s main website (http://bgbcva.org/kids-teens/bgbc-student-ministries).

Plus… the web address is easier to plug.

Fortunately, good preparation before the year began has made the weekly in-and-outs of student ministry a lot easier.  I have been able to focus most of my ‘free labor’ for our church building our new site versus scrambling to put together Wednesday night plans.  Still, it has sapped away some of my time from SaveTheGeneration.com and I am already feeling homesick.

Be on the lookout for new material shortly.  You might even see a few videos here or there.  Stay tuned…

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