Hardest Part About Blogging: Picking A Name

by jpack, June 29, 2014

hello-my-name-isSeveral years ago, I began a blog called ‘Rejected Stones’ that outlined my observations about modern Christianity, society, and how it traced (or didn’t trace) to life as the scriptures laid it out.  The actual cause of me starting the blog was because of a ‘first attempt’ at leading the student ministry at my church, an attempt that was less than a success for many reasons.  Coming out of small town student ministry in what most have agreed is not the “Bible Belt” I grew up in, I was feeling a little… well… rejected.  Make no mistake about it: no third party was causing me to feel this way.  I felt rejected purely by my own enthusiasm and desire to get involved with ‘the church’.  Basically, I had kind of rejected myself and needed to get back to the basics.  I studied, prayed, and grew as an individual, as a member and deacon in the church, and as a follower of Christ.

The name ‘Rejected Stones’ comes from the oft referenced Ps 118:22 that says “The stone that the builder’s rejected has become the cornerstone.”  This is a phrase applied to Christ as the rejected man that would save us from sin, but it applies to our own lives as well, especially when we face failures or trials.  The name ‘rejected stones’ seemed appropriate given that I was attempting to grow myself to become a cornerstone for whatever work God wanted to complete in me.

Years later, I am back on the blogging scene and again in the hunt for a new name.  For some reason, the name ‘Beating Mediocrity’ seemed to ring a nice bell (especially since it captured the struggle I feel we face with contemporary Christianity in America), but then I realized the initials would be “BM” which didn’t sound appealing.  As I write this post, I am staring at a blank WordPress template with no name… and I’m okay with that for now.  Part of my growth is acknowledging that no undertaking should be done in God’s name through force of my own.  I want to share love, truth, and grace with the world around me, but I want to do it God’s way.  A name can convey a lot about a business, organization, or individual; I’d rather listen for what God wants me to convey before I attempt to take more things into my own hands.

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