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Finally Picked The Name: Save The Generation!

by jpack, July 11, 2014
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Okay, okay, so I’m not naming a baby… it’s still a big deal…. kinda…

I wrote a few days ago that picking a name for your website is always the hardest part.  A comedy show that I’m a little too ashamed to admit I watch even had a segment where they would highlight “unfortunate website names” like therapist.com which is not about sexual assault, but individuals who assault mental problems… I think.  Actually, forget I said anything; I’m afraid to type it into my browser.  My point is simply that when you pick one of these names out, they cost money and you buy them for a year or two so once you get it, you’re pretty stuck.

Well, I also mentioned in my article that what my entire leisure life has turned into is a second career surrounding student ministry and that this blog was kind of a re-boot of one I used to have a several years ago where I focused on discussing issues facing not just myself, but our teens.  So what am I really trying to do with my time online and my efforts with student ministry?

Save the Generation

I mean, that’s really what it’s all about right?  “Saving” isn’t just getting them to say an emotional prayer at a PlanetWisdom conference or summer camp; “saving” is about bringing them out of whatever struggles they face today and preparing them for struggles that will come in the future.  Sorry, kids, bad things are going to happen and if your luck is like mine, they’re going to happen at the worst possible time.  I don’t know when Meredith and I intend on having our first kid, but I’m sure it’ll happen when I’ve decided to take on some huge home project that required a bunch of money up-front… because that’s my luck.

But jokes aside, that’s what it’s all about.  Saving the generation.  What is that what it’s all about?  Because they’re worth it as a group and as individuals.  They’re worth the attention and focus of a few individuals if it means helping them to have the life God wants them to have and possibly doing great things in God’s name.  Can something big start by little actions in sleepy-old Bowling Green?  I believe they can.

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